Workoutpads Fitness Grip Pads an zwei Fingern fixiert.

Fitness Pads with 2 comfortable finger holes.

Our workout pads fitness pads were developed to support your hands during training. They are also useful for people who need to exercise in cold weather. Dirt and germs are no longer a problem with the Fitness grip pads. The protective fitness pads with Supergrip Technology are your daily fitness partners and the alternative to fitness gloves.

The fitness pads have an anti-slip surface and are therefore ideal for training.

Our fitness grip pads are made from high-quality materials and only feature a convenient two finger holes so you can use them like gloves while exercising. The grip pads are the right size, so you always have the best traction aids with you. The one-sided anti-slip coating gives you the extra grip for all push & pull exercises – whether on the lat pull machine, biceps curls or the barbell.

Workoutpads Supergrip Griffpads Gruen
Workoutpads Fitness Grip Pads an zwei Fingern fixiert.

Grip Pads feature 2 convenient finger holes that allow you to use grip pads as fitness gloves

You can use our fitness pads for any type of exercise, whether it’s cardio, strength training, rehab or anything else. They are comfortable and easy to use as they fit snugly on your hands. You become the second protective skin. Air always comes to the palms of your hands, which means you no longer get sweaty hands. Just pull the pads and middle and ring fingers and you can start your fitness training.

You don't have to adjust the size of the pads - they fit your hands perfectly.

Workout Pads Fitness pads come in one size, so size doesn’t matter at all. You will feel how they fit perfectly in your hand. From size S to XXL. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger was sent workputpads. The grip pads adapt to any finger size. For very small hands, the grip pad can be cut off with sharp scissors.

Workoutpads sind bessere fitness handschuhe

The pads are made of high quality materials.

You can use our answer to fitness gloves for any type of training, whether cardio, strength training, or in REHA. They are also very easy to clean. Just leave it on while washing your hands or wipe it off with a damp cloth and let it dry in seconds. You can also keep the fitness grip pads on during the disinfection routine when training your hands. The Grip Pads take care of you and are as robust as you can imagine!

The fitness grip pads are made of high quality neoprene with a special coating and will last for years.