WORKOUTPADS Grip Pads with SUPERGRIP Technology for bodybuilding, workout, strength training, fitness and CrossFit. Better than training gloves, more comfortable than normal grip pads. 100% Grip. No evasion.

One size fits all. For women and men.

  • no cornea, no pressure points, no irritation of trigger and reflex points
  • always secure and dry grip for optimal power transmission
  • efficient cushioning up to 150 kg weights and dumbbells
  • easy handling, as it can be used in any direction
  • ultralight with a weight of less than 3 g, flexible and supple
  • extremely durable and abrasion-resistant, unbreakable during your fitness training
  • specially developed neoprene core and coating
  • hygienic and washable up to 60 ° C
  • your versatile hand protection “ghosts” also for outdoor, SUP, renovation work like wallpaper removal, gardening and much more.

WORKOUTPADS Grip Pads with SUPERGRIP Technology  are the no-brainers when it comes to grip protection during fitness training. So soft and comfortable that you never have to look for your workout partner because you won’t even take them off. So stable and flexible that even a 150 kg dumbbell does not create pressure points during push, pull & dip sessions, but rather addresses the right muscles.

Fixed so airily on the fingers that there is no sweat on the hands and nothing slips during training. By using Workoutpads Grip Pads with SUPERGRIP Technology you combine the important protection of your hands and skin with uniquely easy handling. Like no other fitness gloves, workout pads or grip pads, Workoutpads with SUPERGRIP Technology gives you the freedom and convenience to concentrate fully on your strength and fitness training.orkoutpads

WORKOUTPADS Grip Pads with SUPERGRIP Technology offer you the advantages of fitness gloves and grip pads and save you all the disadvantages. They are made of neoprene and are therefore washable and indestructible during training. One size fits all. For women’s and men’s hands. Developed with over 40 years of experience in fitness & bodybuilding.

Do you want to give maximum boost during muscle training? Nothing should distract you during your workout? When doing strength training, are you looking for full concentration on the muscles that you are training? Do you want to stay fully in the body workout flow? And after training you want your hands to be soft, supple and healthy?

Then make it easy for yourself and order your new WORKOUTPADS Grip Pads with SUPERGRIP Technology now!

workoutpads boost your
training results.

Due to the SUPERGRIP Technology  coating, you grip more controlled and avoid blisters, pressure points, cracked areas and annoying calluses on your hands with the workout pads. WORKOUTPADS with SUPERGRIP Technology protect you from pressure points and cracked skin on your palms. Calluses don’t even form in the first place. This means you target your muscle groups more specifically and increase your performance.


By using WORKOUTPADS Grip Pads with SUPERGRIP Technology you can be sure that the sensitive reflex and trigger points of your palms will not free of irritations.

It has been medically proven that you will achieve a better training result and protect your entire body. 


Even if the previous user has carefully disinfected: Viruses or germs may have survived on the surface of handles, mats and devices.

WORKOUTPADS Grip Pads with SUPERGRIP Technology  avoids your direct contact with dirt and ensure your hygienic safety.

Especially important during pandemic seasons like corona, or any other kind of viral or bacterial infections. Even simple dirt isn’t important anymore.


Because you don’t sweat on your hands when using WORKOUTPADS Grip Pads , the dumbbells won’t slip and your grip on the fitness equipment will be safer.

Quite different to leather gloves, which become hard and brittle after a very short time due to sweat and moisture and lose their protective function and sometimes develop strong smells.

Full concentration on your exercises and on the muscles you are working on! No evasion. 100% Grip.


Simply pull the WORKOUTPADS Grip Pads over your middle and ring fingers, and you’re ready to go. The pads do everything – from washing your hands to disinfecting – and remain fully functional. They are flexible, washable and smoothly adapt to your fingers.

WORKOUTPADS Grip Pads are fitness grip pads for women and men. One size fits all and they adapt to the palms of your hands. You can continue to operate and hold everything as usual, whether it’s a drinking bottle or a training app – and you will never loose them.